All communication, managed from one place.
Sales, recruitment, retention and customer care via instant messaging, Facebook®, Telegram® and many more channels.

Manage through a single web-platform all the automatic responses that you want to provide to your customers, LABS357 provides a communication channel to offer support, attract and retain customers, capture leads and improve your conversion.

How does it work? We’ve developed a self-management web platform, which allows each user to configure their own bot (an automated responses robot) in a very easy way.
You just have to define the responses structure and keywords, and in few minutes you have your system working.

The bot provides custom responses? LABS357 can integrate with your CRM, enterprise or website database to provide personalized information and provide other functionalities.

It can send messages? Yes, from platform it’s possible to create distribution lists and perform PROGRAMMED MESSAGES or ALERT MESSAGES containing text, audio, image, video and any other file type!


Contact our Sales Department and loyalty begins to attract customers and serve them more efficiently, thereby increasing their profits.

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